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1. Live Streaming & Live tweeting: a pragmatic approach to ethical considerations.


 Vanacker, Bastiaan 
2.  Digital Supermodels—Fake it Till You Make It

Nikki Williams


3. Accuracy and ethics in reporting the Boston bombing 


Randy Minkoff

4. The Death Algorithm — Will Google Influence Your Lifespan?

Nikki Williams

5. Why We Should Hold Facebook Responsible for Fake News

David Stockdale

6. Why We Should Hold Ourselves Responsible for Fake News

Benjamin van Loon

7. Digital Kidnapping—A New Kind of Identity Theft

Nikki Williams

8. Internet Trolls and the Ones Who Love Them

David Stockdale

9. Is Ad-blocking Theft?

Holly Richmond

10. The Internet of Things: A New Network With the Same Old Problems

David Stockdale

11. How Big is Big Tech?

David Stockdale

12.Follow the Money: The Pros and Cons of Geolocating Currency

Nikki Williams

13.Is ethical smartphone” an oxymoron?

Holly Richmond

14.Fraud in the Online Age

John D. Thomas

15. Facial recognition at the U.S. border: convenient or scary?

Holly Richmond

16.The Ethics of Video Streaming Apps

Mary T McCarthy

17. Bridging the Digital Divide

Paulina Haselhorst

18. Digital Ethics and Kids


19. Comments & Censorship


20. Does CGI cross ethical boundaries when it depicts deceased actors?













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